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EFHW Antenna Deployments

This is a quick presentation I did for some friends on how I deploy my EFHW Antenna during Field (and other) Day(s). It is posted on the TARA (Tonto Amateur Radio Association, Payson Arizona) website where you will find many interesting resources and news stories.
Use this information at your own risk.


Ameritron 811H 10/12 Meter Modification

This modification changes the "AUX" BAND on an Ameritron 811H Amplifier to work on the 10 and 12 Meter Bands.
Consult the Operating Manual for the correct initial settings.
Use this information at your own risk.

A Solar Powered Baofeng 8 Watt Repeater

Woody's Wacky Antennas

Accompanying PDF

Woody's Remote Antenna Switcher Fix

Accompanying PDF