KJ7YYI: Space Weather

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Current Space Weather Info:

  • (SFI) F10.7 - Solar Flux Index: The amount of flux (radio noise) emitted at 2800 MHz (10.7 cm) wavelength;
  • (SN) SSNe - Effective sunspot number derived from ionospheric measurements;
  • (X-Ray) - Solar x-ray flux over the band 1-8 Angstroms;
  • (A-Ind) Ap - Daily global index of geomagnetic activity (preliminary);
  • (K-Ind) Kp - 3-hour global index of geomagnetic activity (preliminary);
  • (304A) - UV emissions at 304 angstroms (UltraViolet), correlated to Solar Flux Index;
  • (Ptn Flx) - Proton Flux: Strong enhancement in energetic proton flux (typically >10 MeV), commonly from a shock caused by an energetic solar eruptio;
  • (Elc Flx) - Electron Flux: The electron flux measured by the GOES satellites indicates the intensity of the outer electron radiation belt at geostationary orbit;
  • (Aur Act) Qe - Effective Q index (auroral activity index);

For an outstanding explanation of all this, watch this short video: